A/P Payment Corrections Issuing Incorrect Journal Entries

There has been a newer implementation within Cetec where a journal entry is issued any time a payment is marked unpaid within an open period. Now, when marking a payment as “unpaid” occasionally a cancelled A/P payment journal entry is created offsetting the original payment journal entry. However, sometimes this cancelled entry is not created and the original payment still appears as a journal entry. Once the payment is re-marked at paid, the “new” (corrected) payment appears as a journal entry as well as the “original” payment journal entry, which is duplicating payment and incorrectly representing the A/P account. Below you will find details for two separate instances of this error along with the links to the entries associated:

Entry # Name Date Amount
9139 Make A/P Payment 1230 To Patrick Howe 2022/03/03 $86.13 https://securisynmedical.cetecerp.com/ledger/9139/edit_entry?only_main_content=1
9139 Make A/P Payment 1230 To Patrick Howe 2022/03/03 $88.13 https://securisynmedical.cetecerp.com/ledger/9321/edit_entry?only_main_content=1
9080 Voucher 1610 For Vendor Patrick Howe, PO , Invoice 2022/01/31 ($86.13) https://securisynmedical.cetecerp.com/ledger/9318/edit_entry?only_main_content=1
9319 Voucher 1646 For Vendor Patrick Howe, PO , Invoice 2022/03/03 ($2.00) https://securisynmedical.cetecerp.com/ledger/9320/edit_entry?only_main_content=1
Variance $86.13

Entry # Name Date Amount
9213 Voucher 1629 For Vendor CHUBB, PO , Invoice 2022/03/02 ($8,485.95) https://securisynmedical.cetecerp.com/ledger/9314/edit_entry?only_main_content=1
9217 Make A/P Payment 1240 To CHUBB 2022/03/14 $8,485.95 https://securisynmedical.cetecerp.com/ledger/9217/edit_entry?only_main_content=1
9217 Make A/P Payment 1240 To CHUBB 2022/03/14 $8,485.95 https://securisynmedical.cetecerp.com/ledger/9315/edit_entry?only_main_content=1
Variance $8,485.95

P.S. Allowing for attached documents within this forum would be helpful.

Hey Stephanie,

Thanks for reaching out to Cetec support regarding this A/P issue you’re running into (or noticed occurring within the system). I also thank you for the detailed breakdown of what might be causing this issue to show up throwing your A/P account off balance.

I’m going to create a ticket internally to have our accounting department take a look at any additional causes that this might be caused by. Once that’s been checked through and it’s advised a bug has been found within the system I’ll coordinate with our engineering department as well. Once that bug has been confirmed and found, I’ll also see if there is something to be done on the back end to get those extra journal entries taken care of so they no longer impact your financials or show up in the system.

Again thank you for the detailed breakdown of this issue at hand, and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. I’ll get that ticket created (you’ll be tagged as a collaborator) and I’ll provide any updates as soon as I can once they’ve been relayed.

Cetec ERP Support

Are there any further details I can provide you at this time for a prompt resolution?

Hey Stephanie,

The details you provided we’re greatly appreciated! I’ve been coordinating internally with our accounting department and we’re close to figuring this issue out for you.Thank you for your patience while we’ve been working to get this broken down and looking into what the cause was.

I’ll get that update and breakdown on the cause as soon as I can!

Cetec ERP Support

Hey Stephanie,

I created a ticket and have been coordinating with our accounting team (they’ve looked into this and delivered a response/update on the issue you’re seeing).

It looks like your GL Lock Date is currently set to 2022-02-28 so you were able to Reopen and Payment Complete payments in April, and that made ledger transactions in April and March. It looks like y’all issued AP Payment 1230 for $86.13 on 2022-03-03, then Reopened (canceled) the payment on 2022-04-05, then reissued the payment for $88.13 without changing the payment/post date so it reposted with the 2022-03-03 date.
So there were 2 Make Payment charges in March and 1 Cancel payment in April. Here is a link to the ledger transactions for the payment and cancellation: Cetec ERP
This Transaction Date on this entry here should probably be changed to 2022-04-05 Cetec ERP

It looks like AP Payment 1240 was issued on 2022-03-14, then Reopened (canceled) the payment on 2022-04-05, then when the payment was reissued it seems the payment/post date wasn’t changed so it reposted with the 2022-03-14 (original) date. So it looks like there were 2 Make Payemt charges in March and 1 Cancel Payment in April. Here is the ledger transactions for the payment and cancellation: Cetec ERP

Y’all should probably change the Transaction Date on this entry to 2022-04-05: Cetec ERP

Let me know if you need any additional assistance on this!
Cetec ERP Support

I am confused as to how changing the dates on these “corrected” payments resolves this issue. We will still retain an overall Accounts Payable balance overage of $8,572.08. The date change will just move that overage from taking place in March. The end balance for these transactions should be $0.

Hello - I am @cetecerp21 following up in regards to this ticket.

In reconciling April financials I was able to identify and resolve this issue which was quite confusing as the journal entry numbers appear duplicative. However, for future practice, when I need to adjust an AP payment I will “Mark as Unpaid,” adjust accordingly, “Mark as Paid,” and then find the corresponding cancelled payment JE that issues as the day of adjustment and correct that JE date to reflect the period in which payment occurred.