A/R Challenge 5 - Invoice

Last week I got to Challenge 5 - Invoice “Find Invoice 50.1-1. Add $20 of Freight to the invoice. View the ledger entry.” and I accidentally pressed invoice without adding the $20 freight. As a result 50.1-1 was invoiced and could not edit, so I tried to uninvoice, add the freight cost, and re-invoice. Upon doing that, then Invoice 50.1-2 was created, I did that a few more times but I was trying to edit 50.1-1 to complete the challenge.

I am unable to revert this back to how it was so I can re-try adding the freight cost to complete the challenge.

Any guidance here or can someone at Cetec reset my A/R class so I can re-do it?


A few things here;

  1. I’d recommend you review the course materials again, especially the video on how to edit an invoice. This challenge was set up to be completed without having to touch the order where the invoice originated.
  2. We do not have a way to reset the class environment. This suggestion has been passed along to our development team for consideration.
  3. Many of the backend functions that verify whether or not a challenge has been passed were based on a sort of path of least resistance, meaning we didn’t necessarily anticipate that users would be manipulating the pre-loaded data beyond what was needed to complete the challenge. As such, some of those functions may not robust enough to deal with the pre-loaded data being deleted/uninvoiced. Our engineers were able to put a temporary fix in place that should allow you to complete this specific challenge by making sure the current active invoice for order 50.1 has the requested freight amount, and that you complete the follow-up step of reviewing the ledger for said invoice.
  4. Feel free to make use of the office hours linked inside of your Universiterp environment. That will give you a chance to talk with one of our teachers and get real-time answers to any questions you may have about the courses.

Good luck!

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