Ability to Create Re-work orders from NCR's

I’d like to be able to create a production Re-work order from an NCR. During production, users are able to create “inspection” events on a production order, in which a NCR can be generated when there is a failed inspection. This is great. Love the traceability aspect of it.

We then document the NC using the NCR, and this usually leads to evaluation/determination of what to do next…This is when I’d like to generate a re-work order (Tied to the NCR) such that we can add time/materials/instructions for our repair technicians to perform work against…

Hi Regis,

Weighing in on some follow up thoughts. Is the idea that during the NCR process, the original work order is still open?

I’m asking only because a re-work order is specifically for returned product that need additional work or fixing.

Our experience…We split the line so that the passing units can move on and use the existing work order (new line) for the rework and add any special instructions if needed to this new work order line. I agree with Regis that if it were generated from the NCR that would provide additional traceability without having to add a note to NCR as to what line is the rework which we don’t always do. Changes the workflow a little by reducing qty vs adding line…


how much serialization do you do on your production work orders? We have multiple nested serialized components and when we have to split the lot, it requires us to break all serialized associations to de-kit, then re-associate them all once a “new line” is split out…This is very tedious as you have to remember all the previous associations and re-enter them into the system to pick them…

Currently, most of production work order NCR’s are addressed after the production order is closed. when we “close” the production work order, we put the good units in normally inventory locations, but then transfer the “NC part” to a quarantine “Location” until we’re ready to address the NC.

We don’t have a lot of failures at the kitting point; however, I just had to separate 9 kits and it was very tedious as you say. I understand CETEC is working on this. We ended up deleting the kits and re-adding them using non-PO Receipts.

I think the solution that would solve this tediousness would be to somehow allow the user through the interface, on the order/lot split screen itself, to divvy up which component serials already picked on the main order/lot and assign those to the discrete quantities of the new order/lot.

Currently the system “split” function is not aware of how those assignments should be made, so the onus is left to the user to dekit those assignments and re-assign them… very tedious indeed.

@regisphilbin - have you engaged with the Cetec ERP sales department to determine if and how this might be developed and integrated into the core platform? It might take a bit of development to do so, would recommend reaching out to “sales@cetecerp.com” with the details to engage on a proposal there.

Thanks for the clarification.

Replying to: “Is the idea that during the NCR process, the original work order is still open?”

----The quick answer is NO. Original work order is closed. I’m assuming it’s easier if its closed?

“I’m asking only because a re-work order is specifically for returned product that need additional work or fixing.”

---- Correct. Like I mentioned from the original post, we perform an “inspection” event which, if the unit fails, we create the NCR directly from this inspection page. If what we need to do is to create an “RMA” event to process a “Re-work Order”, is there any way we can tie that to the NCR? Because, as it stands now, a brand new NCR Is generated when the RMA re-work order is created…

Then we have 2 NCR’s (Duplicated) tied to the 1 unit.

Hi Jackie,

RE-visiting this topic a bit…can you tell me a bit more about how you “split the line” ?

does the require you to “de-kit” manually?