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waterfall/pick screen issue
Please see below links:
pick screen shows correctly https://elecaccnew.cetecerp.com/otd/order/52844/pick_parts
line 1 AMP41532 qty needed is 4000qty picked is 4000 all good and correct
waterfall https://elecaccnew.cetecerp.com/part/15472/waterfall
displaying qty needed is 11338 pick 40000 qty needed is incorrect

but this incorrect qty needed is driving the MRP to purchase more material that is not needed

qty was showing correctly until parts request 27213 https://elecaccnew.cetecerp.com/otd/partrequest/27213/edit

the qty need of the waterfall changed incorrectly

I can give you many examples of this happening


Voucher 9775 is showing open, but has been paid by AP Payment 5675 and should show closed. How can I close this? The journal entries are accurate so I do not want to eliminate them or the payment.
Thank you.