Access control

@cetecerp13 I’ve got an accountant user (Tracy) that has permissions to see the reports under Parts. I’ve confirmed she has permissions by being at that report page, impersonating her, and then refreshing the page.

BUT, the Reports menu under Parts does not exist for her even through she has permissions–> she has no way to get to the reports for which she has access because the menus are not displaying for her to let her navigate there.


Short of her creating shortcuts, is there a permissions setting that i am missing or is there perhaps a bug?


@cetecerp13 Similarly, she can access Invoices if I share the link to Sales/Invoices/Invoice List. I would expect this as this is her permissions “All Invoices”

But there is no way for her to navigate there–the only menus that show up under Sales are inconsistent with her permissions:


That is strange. We’ll have to do some investigation, and get back to you about it once we know what’s going on.


After some review, the issue is that the user has permission to view the reports, but not a role that would allow them to see the links to the reports.

If I may use some broad language to try to explain:
Cetec security is generally more subtractive than additive. We typically recommend that you give a user the roles necessary so they can see the links to whatever pages/actions they need to perform their duties, and then narrow the scope of those permissions afterward to remove things you don’t want them to see. Instead of starting at 0, and adding 1+1+1 to get to 3, you start at 5 and subtract 2 to leave 3.

All that to say, giving this user the sales role should open up all the submenus that you’re looking for them to have. If you feel there are other things that the sales role might enable them to do that you want to limit, you can do so by creating a custom role to block those things using access controls to specify what to block. More information about that can be found here: User Access Control & Customized Roles

Let us know if you have further questions about it!