Access Control

We have a user who is the Accounting assistant.
I have given her access to all the reports and gave her special permission to
She still cannot access this report.
Is there another controller that I am missing that she needs?
She is not the accounting Manager, so we do not feel she should have access to everything.
thanks for your help.

@Nbella You’re definitely on the right track with using access controls. However, it’s omportant to think of access controls as subtractive moreso than additive.

In this case, following the section of this article titled “What If I Wanted To Limit Access To Only ONE User With A Certain Role, But Not ALL Users With That Role?”, you would want to create a new role for for the user and use access controls to deny that role access to the parts of Accounting Admin that you want hidden. This list will give you an idea of what things the accounting admin has access to:

Then, assign your accounting assistant the accounting admin role to give access to the auditing tools, as well as the newly created role to limit what they’re able to see within the admin role.

Hope that helps, this can definitely be a complicated part of the system when you start getting in to per-user access controls.