Account Reconcile Issue

Good day, Having major issue with account reconcile for our bank account 118000. There are entries that have been reconciled but are not actually being reconciled and transferring over to the following months. Not only that but I went into bankreconcile #48 to try to figure out the issue and now I’m unable to balance the month properly to my bank account statement. There is a transaction for $16,564 that is on my bank statement but not able to add to the reconcile without there being a difference in balancing. Same with another transaction for $3,588.13 is showing up twice on the reconcile but only one ledger entry. Now I’m unable to reconcile transactions properly when going back to try to rectify the issue.

Need help!

Hey Kris,
It looks like you guys reconciled an entry, and then reversed that payment. This currently orphaned the reconcile object. Engineering is still working on the fix for this.
We’ve fixed your data & you should be good to proceed with the reconcile on this.
To prevent it from happening moving forward, remove the reconciled items before cancelling their associated payments.


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Can you please take a look at the to Yo Fire one as well? Not showing reconciled but was on December reconciliation and still showing as unreconciled.

Hi Kris,

It looks like the same thing happened here, with a couple extra steps.

Made payment, cancelled payment, made payment (somehow this duplicated a make), reconciled and closed the reconcile, cancelled payment, made payment.

You should be good to go on this now also.

The reason I did this was because it was still showing up as un-reconciled. That process worked on a previous un-reconciled item. Will keep you posted if i see this happen again.

Thank you,