Account Reconciliations

Hi guys,

All of my account reconciliations going back as far as I can see have the cleared delta wrong. I am not sure what happened. Please let me know if you guys can fix it as I like to see my $0 deltas. :slight_smile:


Hi @kellym,

Thanks for contacting us about this. Are you able to provide any additional detail here to help us determine what might be happening?
Is it just closed or just open reconciles where you’re seeing this problem?
Is it only reconciles for a certain account/s?
Were there any recent changes to the reconciles when you first saw the issue? i.e. selecting/removing a number of transactions.
Just trying to gather as much information as we can so we can try to identify what’s happening.

Just wanted to give you an update here, our engineers found an issue with the way the cleared balance is being calculated for credit/liability accounts. They’re working on a fix for that right now, and it should get pushed out to you in the next week or two.


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