Accounting Reports not working

None of our accounting reports are working. When you click the link it gives a 500 - Internal server error.


Thanks for reaching out about this issue. It looks like there is a ledger entry with an invalid date. Here’s the entry: Cetec ERP If you change the date to a valid date it will clear that 500 error for you. Please let us know if you continue to have issues.


Cetec ERP Support

It will not let me update the date. The should be 2023-07-20


It looks like the entry has been canceled.

I am still getting the 500 - Internal Server Error when I try and run any report. I have tried everything to fix the date and it wont let me.

Hi @lwalker,

Sorry to hear you’re still having issues! Our engineers took a peek and it looks like you have 9 gl entries that, somehow or another, are dated some time before 1000 A.D.!

No sure how that would have happened, but it seems like the best thing to do would be to first update those to be something more reasonable. If you’ll let us know what a good date to use would be, they can make that update for you and that should give you a better starting place to examine those entries and, if needed, give them actual correct dates.


@lwalker Just checking to see if you saw my last reply, and/or if this is still an issue for you.

If you are still having trouble, then please provide me a date that our engineers can use to fix those particular entries so that they will creating errors when you’re running your reports. It just needs to be a date in somewhat recent history, like 2000-01-01, then once those are fixed and you’re able to load them and run your other reports you can review the entries to see if the date needs to be updated to be more specific.

If you could change the year on all of them to 1999 that would be great. Then we should be able to search for them in the ledger and change them to the correct dates. Thanks.

No problem! Let me pass that on to our team and we’ll let you know once those are cleaned up.