accounts receivable bug??

trying to take a payment the way we always have…put in the amount in the payment value and apply the payment to the invoices paid…but today when trying to make payment complete it is ignoring all the invoices we applied payment to and is showing payment in unapplied cash…is there a bug or has something changed in system??

Hi @jjclarizio, No change that we’re aware of. Can you provide the payment number of the payment that’s having trouble? And if you try to recreate the payment following the same steps, does the same thing happen?

We took a copy of your data and were able to recreate that payment, as well as make a few new ones, without any issue.

The process we tested was:

  • create new payment for customer
  • enter payment details (type, value, and reference)
  • tried both auto apply and manually selecting invoices to apply value
  • update and/or complete payment

Is there something we did there that differs from what your process here was?

The deposits should have anything to do with the way the payments are applying the payment values.

are you able to clear the deposits we started 409 & 410 and we will try again

You should be able to delete them if needed.
Go to the deposits, it will show you associated payments.
Click through to the payments, make sure all the amounts are zeroed out and click update, then they should have a delete button.
Once the payments have been deleted and the deposits no longer have any payments linked, you should be able to delete the deposits.