Added Bonus Field on Quotes - Now Can't create Order from Quote

I created a new bonus column for sales quotes. now i’m unable to turn quotes into orders as i get this error message…

> There was a problem placing your order. Error message: Debug message: {UNKNOWN}: Can’t locate object method “shipping_early_bc” via package “Cetec::Reboot::Web::Model::DBIC::Ordhead” at lib/Cetec/Reboot/ line 252. at /home/Cetec-ERP/lib/Cetec/ line 1240


We can restart the service if you can give us access to your server. When creating a new bonus column a certain process has to be done in order for it to be added successfully. Please let us know once you have given us access.


Cetec ERP Support

Service Restarted - Bonus Field working now.