Adding fields to Invoices & Packslips

Would it be possible to get the Commodity Code from the Part/Warehouse field added as a selectable option for Invoices and Packslips? From next year we’ll be obligated to include these on all Exports.


@msummers - thanks for this request. We are going to pass this along to our engineering product management team for consideration. We appreciate it!

@msummers - Note, one thing you could do here that would solve this immediately.

Create a new field (bonus column) for the Part object. Call it Export Commodity Code or something like that.

Create an identical action (bonus column) for the QuoteLine object. Use the same name you used when you created the Part bonus column.

Then, on the Quote Line bonus column, type in Part in the “Object Type To Pull Values From” field.

That way, when you add a Prcpart to a quote line in the future (from then on), it will autopopulate that Part’s bonus column field on the Quote Line bonus column. And therefore, it will become selectable to show/hide on packing slips and invoices in the future. Let us know if this makes sense.


Another idea that might work - you should be able to access that data via a custom doc (in the line context, [% line.inv.commodity_code %] should work.

@cetecerp13 Has there been any further product management thoughts to add “Commodity Code” to MRP and Parts selectable fields. The “Commodity Code” is under the pencil in the part warehouse edit inventory location. I don’t see the variable name to pull from in bonus columns either, but i’m not a bonus column expert.