Adding non-inventory parts to PO

We have a part flagged as non-inventory in the part master for certificates, quite often this part is added after a pquote has been turned into a PO and when we try and receipt we get the error message:
Stock Not Added; Inventory PO Line with a non-inventory part!. The part was likely set to non-inventory after creating the PO Line. Please delete PO Line and recreate to correct.

Is there a way around this*? We used to not mark the parts as non-stock in the master and just flag the lines in the PO but we ended up with tons of junk stock to correct.

PO 5767 in our instance as an example.


*other than just getting it right first time

Hi @msummers

Hm… that’s an interesting case, thanks for sending it in.

Let us review with our product and engineering teams and get back to you on this thread as soon as possible.


@msummers - After some testing, it appears this issue only occurs in the situation where you first add the item to the new open PO line, and then afterward you mark the part record as non-inventory.

If you mark the part record as non-inventory first, and then add the item to the PO line, this should not flag you or block you.

As it stands, I think the only possible workaround is as the error message says: Delete the line item, then re-add it with that same part number (which is already marked as non-inventory), and proceed.

Hope this helps, thank you!