Adding Option to add "Cost Center" Field on PO's

Once we approve a purchasing Order, we send the PDF (using CETEC) to our purchasing dept. It would be nice if we could have the option to put the “Cost Center” field onto the PO PDF. This would help our purchasing group know where to charge the PO.

This is the field:

This is where i’d like to select it to be placed on the PDF PO…


@regisphilbin Cost centers are typically just for internal accounting uses. Can you elaborate on why you would want to see them on your PO PDFs?

So we have an individual who helps with filing the PO’s into the correct Program folders (cost center) and it’d be really convenient if when we send an email out to the distribution list that the information is there for the relevant parties… (not only for the supplier)…


An example. Here’s a current PO that a customer sent to us and they also have something similar to a “cost center” on their PO. It doesn’t relate to us at all, it’s internal to their company, but it’s on their PO…

Thanks for the additional details @regisphilbin.
This is defnitnitely possible, through editing the PO PDF custom doc.
If you, or someone in your company, don’t feel comfortable making this edit then we can certainly help out here.
Any custom doc work we do will be billed at our support rate ($250/hr), just send an email to outlining your desired changes (feel free to reference this post) and then we’ll get you a quote for approval to make those changes to the PO PDF for you.