Adjusting Info on Packing Slip

Good Morning - I am struggling with making changes to the information shown on the packing slip of an invoice. I have set the columns in the order screen as well as the invoice, but it does not change the packing slip. Is this in the configure settings? I read through the FAQ and did not see that listed. Can anyone advise how I can get the specific info on the invoice PDF to reflect on the Packing Slip PDF? Thank you!

Hi Samantha,
To create a Packing Slip (from Order), you get the options to show/hide whatever columns you want.
Currently, creating a Packing Slip (from Invoice) uses the last columns you “Set Columns” on from an Order Packing Slip.

So, your steps:
Go to any Open Order -> Packing Slip, set the columns the way you want them on the Invoice -> Packing Slip, and click “Set Columns”.
Go to the Invoice in question & click “Packing Slip”.
It will print with the columns you selected on the Order -> Packing Slip page.

This is confusing, I’ll put a request to Engineering to see if they’ll clean that up.


Thank you! I’m still having trouble getting some information available on the Invoice to reflect on the packing slip:

  • Shipping weight
  • Ship Qty vs Open Qty? (when there is a back ordered amount)

Where in the config settings would I be able to change the “ship type” that currently shows Partial? I would think it should reflect complete if there are no open lines and partial when there is a BO? If it is not able to change automatically, I need to know how to adjust it with each order so the customer is not expecting an additional shipment if the order is complete.

Hi @samantha !

For shipping weight, that isn’t currently supported on the packing slip. That would require an estimate for custom development from our programming team. If you’d like to pursue that, send an email to “” requesting an estimate for that.

For Ship Qty vs Open Qty, this is supported. On the packing slip preview screen, there should be show/hide check boxes for order qty, ship qty, and backlog qty.

For your comments on partial ship order type, probably the simplest thing to do would be to set your default show/hide settings on packing slips / orders / invoices to HIDE the Ship Type column to avoid further confusion.

Hope this helps, let us know if you have any further questions or requests.


I am still unfortunately struggling with this. I have ensured the columns are set on the Order Packing Slip screen, and when I view that packing slip, it shows a date in the Qty Ordered field and the ship qty field is blank. Also, when I proceed to the Invoice and then Invoice Packing Slip, the columns I added (ordered qty and backordered qty) are not reflected.