Aged inventory report

Does Cetec have an aged inventory report or something similar to be able to look at certain parts in our inventory in a list or report and see how long those items have been here without going into each individual part and manually look at the purchase or receive dates?


Hi @nathanfki

I believe List By Bin has all of this data:

If you click “+/-” columns and set the “Created On” column to SHOW.

Theoretically you could then export that and filter on the “Created On” date in Excel. Then, with some Excel skills, you could potentially create filters/buckets for today thru 6mo, 12mo, 18mo, 24mo and populate columns per those filters and get a nice inventory aging report in Excel…

If you have anyone at your company skilled in Excel I bet this is very doable to get you the info you need.

Hoping this helps!

Yes, this helps thank you!