All uploaded documents are showing in orders

We are seeing documents showing in orders that are in no way linked to the items or the order.
When we go to the workorder view for a build line in an order, the documents page brings up a list of every uploaded document in the system instead of just the documents for that specific order or line item.


Good Afternoon,

Just to clarify the statement here you’re seeing documents that are attached to other orders in your environment showing up throughout all orders now instead of just the specific orders?

  • Did anyone by chance globalize those documents that were attached to those specific orders? Globalizing those documents allows those specific documents to show up across all items/users through your system.
  • If those documents weren’t globalized could you send me URL links to those specific order document pages (where those documents should only be showing for those specific orders), and a URL link to the orders that shouldn’t be linked but are showing those documents?

(just send me everything after .com/ and I can find those objects in your environment without you including the domain name,etc.)

I’ll get started checking into this for you Jared as soon as I have those url links (or the order numbers).
Cetec ERP Support

They are not globalized, this all started after the most recent update.
Here is an example: /otd/order/46578/documents

Any chance to look in to this yet?


We are still having issues with this. It is causing long load times for the documents list to show up on orders because the system is loading so many extra documents that are not needed.


Good Afternoon!

Apologies on the delayed response here regarding this issue you’re having with all documents showing up on orders in your environment. I’ve had trouble here reproducing this issue in testing environments… but I do have some orders in your environment that are producing the issue that I can use.

I’m building out your case to engineering as we speak and will have that sent over to them to evaluate. While I’ve been digging into this I’ve noticed that there are a few orders out there that aren’t pulling all documents linked to the order documents page, yet as stated above I do have quite a few here that are.

I’m working on getting this sent over to engineering (while still trying to reproduce this issue on my end) so they can get a look into what’s causing the additional documents to link to your orders. None of the ‘linked’ documents on the example you provided are linked to the top level prcpart of the order (or any of it’s components) so this has been difficult to pin down. As soon as engineering provides an update in the case that I’m building out I’ll relay that update to you on this forum topic ASAP.

Thank you for your patience with us on this it’s greatly appreciated. We’re working to get that resolved for you as soon as we can.
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Good Morning!

I wanted to pass along an update here that engineering deployed a fix to resolve this issue for you. This issue should be resolved in your environment now.

Could you go through your orders to confirm that all documents are no longer attaching to your orders and slowing down the workorder documents page for you?

Cetec ERP Support

Thank you, it does appear to have been resolved now.


Absolutely, I’m glad that’s been resolved for your orders now! That should speed up the page load time significantly for you and the team.

I’ll be closing this ticket thread going forward. Please hit the forum if you have any additional questions!

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