Alternatives for sandbox environment

We are trying to develop the capacity/scheduling side of the business and are down to figuring out the best way to set up capacity.
We are currently set up with daily capacity defined per work location in the OrdLineStatus page. This appears to work OK but does not take into account that the same person may be running a number of machines and that different locations cannot overlap schedules.

I found documentation in the Production Scheduling Help Docs that notes another option in setting up capacity assigning users to work locations.

I would like to try some of these changes but would be more comfortable doing this in an environment that does not mess with our live data.

I saw information on setting up a separate instance that we can copy our data to, but it was based on a subscription minimum of $200/month. Are there any other options for a short-term static testing environment? I do not see this activity lasting more than a couple weeks and don’t need a five license minimum or weekly data refreshes.

Hey Dave,

I will see what we can offer as far as a temporary sandbox


Cetec ERP Support

Hello, so we can set you up with a sandbox for just a month, and it would be the $200 fee. Let me know if you would like to get this set up.


Cetec ERP Support

Thanks for the quick response. I will follow up if we decide to go this direction.

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