Any way to make a part ACTIVE and INACTIVE

I want to have this status of ACTIVE/INACTIVE for parts.

So when I make a certain part INACTIVE, this part cannot have any transactions and doesn’t show in any other lists.
And vice versa, when ACTIVE, it is just a normal part that shows in lists and transactions can be done for the part.
It should be a check box.
Is there a feature that can do this?

Hello Omansoor,

This is technically a feature that’s already incorporated within Cetec ERP - if you navigate to the part profile you’re wanting to ‘inactive/activate’ you’ll see the “Delete” button. Once you click the “Delete” button and this in turn inactivates the part. You can still search for this part and locate it in your environment but you’ll be unable to process ANY transactions for the part or show up in any reports unless you filter the report to show inactives*.

If you need to change the part status back to ‘active’ you’ll just go back to that parts profile and click the “Activate” button to allow transactions to process again and have that part show up on reports.

It technically serves as a ‘checkbox’ function within Cetec - if you delete it the part becomes inactive, if you reactivate the part it’s again active within your environment.

I hope this answers your question, if you need further assistance please let me know!

Cetec ERP Support