Anyone doing AS9102 FAI Reports? Any tricks to share in Cetec?

We may have to start completing AS9102 FAI reports for a customer and have never done them before. Wondering if anyone on here has figured out how to use any Cetec features to help with this process or maybe this is an area for a possible new feature?

I’m wondering if you could possibly do it per an inspection report for a work order? One feature that would be cool would be if the inspection reports could be exported.

Also, I’m curious if it is it possible to create a “custom document” and pull Inspection report data into it…

That’s an interesting idea. Was looking at Form 2 with the requirements for all the material - would be nice if I could export the picked parts too since it already has the BOM of all materials used and I can see using Work Instructions to complete form 3 for the characteristic accountability.