AP Payment PDF Email Config Setting

Where can I change the Config Settings for when I am in an AP payment and click the PDF/Email link in the left side menu to send the payment email to a vendor?

I’d like to edit the Subject and Body.

We did dig around and tested several but weren’t able to find the setting for this function. Thank you!

The settings you’re looking for are called “Invoice Email - Default Body” and “Invoice Email - Email Subject”.

Let us know if you need anything else!

Hmmm. I tested “Invoice Email - Email Body” “Invoice Email - Default Body” and “PAID Invoice Email - Default Body” and none of them worked. Also, I don’t see any “Invoice Email - Email Subject”. I am in Config Settings/Config Settings. Is that correct?

@sbeausoleil Apologies, I must’ve misread your original message and confused “Invoice” with “AP Payment”.
At this time we do not have settings to change the defaults for the AP Payment PDF Emails, nor is there anything specific planned for the future to add it. If you’d like, I can check with our product team and see if that’s something that could be added. If this is something they’d be willing to do as paid development, are you interested in a quote for that work?

No need to quote the work. I can make what is available work for us and will let you know if that changes. Thank you for your reply!