API Documentation

Cetec ERP Trick - API Documentation can be found in your instance by going to https://YOURCOMPANY.cetecerp.com/apioverview
Also, there is a special API for importing Quotes/Orders to the system, as that area touches so many different pieces (Quotes, Customers, Parts, etc). That URL is:

Currently, the first 1000 API calls are free each month - this page has pricing information if you’d like more details: https://cetecerp.com/resources/services/#api-access

Hello, we have begun getting errors on API actions when our website is transferring updated data in for existing customers. Was hoping to get some input about what might be happening.
The response we are seeing is:
500 - Internal Server Error
Something unexpected happened and we can’t complete your request.
Please report the problem to support@cetecerp.com with lots of details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
The Cetec ERP Team

@J_Ochs - Hi Jared.

Where are you seeing that “500 - Internal Server Error” response?

Is there a link or URL you can provide us that we could use to get the same 500 error you’re receiving? That would help us immensely to be able to identify what’s going on there.

Appreciate it!