I’ve been using the API features within CETEC and I noticed that we you make a request for all POs in the system, it does not show POs that do not have a Buyer attached.

This became an issue for us when one of our Buyers left the company, so we removed their account for security reasons. All of the previous Buyers closed POs keeps their name attached but any open POs sets the Buyer to null.

The GET PO request will only return POs that have a buyer listed.
My temporary fix is just assigning a new buyer to the PO but I’d rather the API pull all POs including those without Buyers attached and I can automate the returned JSON to the desired data needed.

Hey Zachariah,

Thank you for bringing this issue up to us! I brought this ticket to our engineering team for review, and they agreed with your opinion that it should return with or without a buyer attached. They said they estimate this change will occur in 2-3 weeks.

Again thank you for bringing this up, they said it was a great catch on your end!