Approval by multiple parties

Dear Cetec Team,

I wasn’t sure if this would fit under a “new feature request” since I couldn’t find any documentation on the topic. But I was curious if it would be possible to force a workflow stage to require more than a single approval before progressing to the next stage.

For example, I would like a PQuote to receive approval by two managers before it can be routed to a PO.

Can such a feature be enabled within the ERP, or is there a “best practice” method to follow for multiple approvals?

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@MarianoPC ,

Currently PQuotes only have the ability to require a single approval. One possible thought though is setting PQuote approval thresholds so that certain users have ability to approve PO costs up to ‘X’ and higher values require the approval by higher management. I know this isn’t exactly what you asked about, but this is functionality that currently exists in the system that can reduce PQuotes being committed that shouldn’t be. Let me know if you have any questions setting this up.

If this doesn’t work for you, I can reach out to the Cetec ERP engineering team to see if we would consider developing an additional approval requirement and what the estimate would be if so.

Best Regards,
Cetec ERP Team

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Thank you for the reply, and the offer to help. I have already set the approval threshold, it is a nice-to-have option and it is working well.

Regarding contacting the engineering team. I am currently putting together a list of potential requests for them to determine what we’d like to prioritize first. Is there an email you’d recommend reaching out to directly for that? otherwise, if it isn’t a problem, it would interesting to know what the cost estimate of such a feature would be.

Hi, I was wondering if you would have any updates on the topic. Thank you.

Hi @MarianoPC ,

Apologies for the delay. You can send feature requests to or post here on the forum and we can get an estimate for you.

I sent a request to get an estimate for development on requiring 2 approvals on pquotes and will let you know once I get an answer back. Thanks and again my apologies on the delayed response.

Cetec ERP Support

Hi @MarianoPC ,

I reviewed with the engineering team and they’re requesting more details on how you foresee this functioning. For example would the logic look something like - if the value is greater than X dollars require 2 approvals from a Manager or an approval from an Admin?

Thank you,
Cetec ERP Support

As an example, our current Quality Management System allows us to send a document for approval to multiple users simultaneously. Until those specified users have sent their approval the document may not proceed to the next stage. We use this to make sure both the CTO and the Quality Manager approve purchasing related documents.

Logic-wise we’d likely implement such an approval system for all Purchase Quotes and Sales Quotes. I understand currently Cetec doesn’t allow one process to be sent to two users simultaneously. However, I imagined, since it is possible to assign particular users to carry out approvals of Quotes before they may be committed to Orders, that it would just be possible to require the check by two users before enabling the “commit to Order” button.

Instead of a particular price limit, I thought it could be enabled within the “Config Settings” with an integer variable depending on the number of users that should approve a Quote before it may be committed.

@MarianoPC ,

Thank you for the details. On the sales quote side there are configs that enforce a minimum value to order or require approval if a part hasn’t been ordered before, but not an approval ‘threshold’ limit like there is on the pquotes. I’m happy to send a separate request for an estimate if there is something you would like us to consider development on the sales quote side.

To confirm for the pquotes - you don’t want the logic driven by a dollar value, but rather an integer that requires that amount of approvals? Do you foresee just remaining in the pending approval state until a second individual with approval permissions approves it?