Approving Payments

Is there a way to set up or automatically set up a way to prompt accounting to get approval to pay a vendor or invoice before the payment is processed?

I know you can in a voucher under voucher payment you can click a “needs review” button and they voucher has to be approved. Is there a way to do this for a payment (pay vouchers) for a specific invoice or vendor?

Hi @mikeb

The only way to do this is via the Voucher Workflow.

If you make sure the “Global Voucher Auto Approve” config setting is turned OFF, you can require all vouchers to go through an approval workflow stage first, before being allowed for payment on an A/P payment.

I hope this helps, thank you!

Just for clarity. This happens at time when a voucher is entered? If the approval is required on the voucher does that mean the voucher is entered and can be seen but a payment cannot be made against it?


@mikeb - that’s correct! You’ve got it.