AQL based inspection system


Is it possible to add AQL based inspection system in Cetec? Large batches cannot be 100% inspected and therefore need to go through AQL based inspection.


Hi @asad,
Let us review what options we have available in the system for you, and get back to you about this soon.

So we do have this feature, it just requires a few steps in order to get it set up.
To start with, on the inspection instructions (Part record > Revisions > Inspection Plan > View) you’ll have create a new instruction, based on the range, and have it set to be Required both at location and at operation.

Once that’s done it shows up on the labor plan screen. From there, if you fill out the response and the ID then it usually gets routed to an ‘overseer’. That person will then go to the inspections tab of the workorder and performa a pass/fail inspection, then fill in the “verified by” field.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any additional questions.


Inspections are great. We can easily add them from inspection plan.
What we require is AQL calculator integrated in the inspection page.
For e.g. if we receive a lot of 10,000 pcs and AQL is General I - Major 1 and Minor 2.5. The inspector needs to check 80 pcs. For Major criteria accept point is 2 and reject point is 3. For Minor criteria accept point is 5 and reject point is 6. It would be helpful if these calculations can appear on the display screen and the inspecting person can know right away how many pieces to inspect and the accept/reject points.


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That is an interesting idea, and something we could likely explore for you for either custom development or future product integration.
If you’ll email about this, they can talk to our development team about what it would take to create this, and get you a quote for if you wanted to get it asap.