Archiving Old Revisions on Cetec

Is there a way to archive inactive revisions that are uploaded to a part within Cetec? Currently those documents still remain accessible. Is there a way that can either be archived so they only show up for admin users? Or a way that they can be made non-downloadable ?
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Hi Jordan,

Yes! If you go to the part record of the BOM in question and open “Revisions” from the left-hand Nav you should be taken to a list like this. On an inactive revision, there is a delete option at the far right of the line.


What if we’d like to maintain the revision history for record? We wondered if there is a way to archive or inactivate documents so that you can still see the file (for revision record), but it cannot be downloaded.

Do you know how other companies handle old revisions? Do they typically delete them like you have suggested? Or do they simply have to instruct employees only to download what shows as active (which is the approach we have taken thus far).


You could set it as obsolete, but even still the export will be available for download.
There isn’t currently a way to maintain the record of revisions without also maintaining the revisions in an inactive form.

There are certainly other companies using Cetec who maintain that revision history, I’d imagine they instruct users to not export inactive/obsolete documents. If this is a pervasive issue you could try to limit user access to the revisions page with access control/user roles.

Maybe I should clarify my intention, I am looking at revision control of a document that is uploaded to a specific PRT part (not revision control for an actual part). Is there a way for us to keep users from downloading the “not alive” version? Please see attached picture for reference. For example this drawing has a Rev–B and a Rev–C, is there a way for us to prevent users from downloading the inactive Rev–B drawing?