Asset #/test fixtures on jobs

We use test fixtures to test continuity on wire harness. We currently create an asset for the test fixture to identify it per wire harness. Under the asset in the "PARTS NEEDING THIS TOOL: field we enter the wire harness that the test fixture applies to. However, this asset number does not show up anywhere on the plate, pick list or work list. How do I get the asset number to show up on the plate, pick list or work list? I don’t want to just try to remember what test fixture applies to a specific wire harness.

Hey Mike,

Thanks for reaching out to us regarding that asset number not showing up on the plate, pick list, or work list within your environment. Could you provide me a link to one of the test fixture parts - I’m going to see if there is a way to get that asset number to show up on one of those reports for you.

There are +/- columns at the top of those pick / work list reports where you can ‘show’ or ‘hide’ specific columns within the report.

Thank you!

Cetec ERP Support