Auto-populate the CC Email


Is there anyway we can auto-populate the CC email as well while sending an invoice to our customer?

This was unintended and probably not what you’re looking for, but my browser auto-fill-in feature recalls mine for me. I just select the box, and a few options of previously entered email addresses (even including the comma) come up in a selection box.

The only place we do this is, I believe, on POs. There’s a CC email config for PO PDFs specifically, but not for any other object in the system.

Regis is right, browser autofill might be a helpful tool to leverage here.

Or, if the CC emails are specific to each customer, you could set up individual contacts on the customer record and then use the contact dropdown to add those individuals to the recipients of the PDF email.

Thanks for the reply.
The dropdown emails list doesn’t really help as I don’t want people to guess whom they should send a particular email from a long list of hundreds of emails. Ideally, as soon as anyone come up to email page, it should auto-populate the “To” and “CC” in order to avoid any confusion.
I understand if it’s a feature that’s not available but maybe something to keep note off for future updates in possible.

The other option, if you’re always sending to the exact same people, would be to enter multiple email addressed in the primary email address field on the vendor record, so that they all get added when sending the POs.