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I remember at one time there was a way to automatically backup all of your user data to the cloud via another server just in case something were to happen to CETEC servers. Can you please provide me pricing on this option if its still available?

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If it’s just the user data you’re asking about, the easiest (and free!) way to do this would be to run the User List report and then export it. Is that the kind of thing you were looking for, or is it a bit different than I’m thinking?

Cetec ERP Support

We were talking about all of our CETEC Data including AP, AR, PO info, Parts, pretty much all of CETEC operating DATA. How do we easily get this backed up on a daily basis just in case something happens to CETEC data servers?

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I believe this link contains the information you’re looking for: How To Download Backups

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That is it!

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