I would like to turn on automatic email batch processing. Please advise what config settings need to be set.

When you’ve [set up automatic customer notifiers] **
** Sales Order Management), you can batch send invoices to your customers overnight for orders that have been completed/invoiced that day. As well, you’re able to check an email log to see exactly what time and to whose email address the invoice PDF was sent, for traceability purposes.

I set all of the email notifiers in notifications. There are multiple emails per customer and each one will need to receive a copy of the email. System is not populating from the notifications email only the contacts. We email copies to addresses within our company in addition to customer contacts. Also, some of the emails addressees are not shown as customer contacts. They only receive document copies and not really the customer contact. (example: shipping/receiving)

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Glenda Hehemann

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The Automatic Notifications are set via the Customer Notifications page. Navigate there via Sales>Customers>Customer List>Customer Record>Notifications. These can be set with multiple recipients in the ‘Email To’ column. You will need to separate the email addresses by comma to set multiple recipient addresses.

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