Available Inventory - Expired/Quarantined

Is there a way to not show expired or quarantined product in the “Available Inventory QTY”?

Recros Medica

Hi Clark,

We had the same request. One way to do this is to create a new “Warehouse Location” for the expired or quarantined products. Then when you use the “Build with Subs”, those items (in other warehouse locations) are filtered out and not included in the “avail” qty field…

I am curious if CETEC has another way to accomplish this though…

Thank you!

I think that will work perfect for the time being. Seems like good control too because there will be a record for when its released from Quarantine if we complete a warehouse transfer.


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@regisphilbin @clarkyparky - great thread here! Regis I like that idea of creating a separate warehouse, and that it provides some traceability like Clark mentioned.

Regis you also were curious if there were any other options on this. There is a config value you could set called “Use locked bin in allocation”. If the bin is locked and expired it won’t be in allocation (i.e. not in the waterfall), and it also removes from QOH (and therefore Qty Avail). That could work as well.