Back Out Invoice Payment and Apply to Different Invoice

Totally messed up a customer payment application to the wrong invoices and now I am locked up.
I un-reconciled the deposit, re-opened the payment, cleared the payment but it is allocating improperly and showing a split payment on one invoice: 10786.1-1. I tried to adjust the ledger - and I am afraid I am creating a nightmare.


Cetec - Really am stuck on this one…Advice is welcomed

It sounds like you did the right things as far as backing up to the point of applying the payment. Did you delete the original payment and start a new one, or is the payment that’s still on that invoice the original?

That payment is still open, so you should be able to select the correct invoices and apply the amounts as normal without making any ledger adjustments, as backing up from the deposit back to the payment should have reversed those ledger transactions for you.

Strangely enough it is not doing that

And the GL entry is a mess

Maybe I’m missing it, which GL Entry are you having trouble with? Can you give me the Entry#?

Can Cetec possibly cancel/delete this customer payment so that I can restart the multiple-line payment reciept? It is AR payment 5709

Morning Team, I am still locked into this misalignmnet of payment to invoices.

@justicebearing You should be able to clear out the payment and start over on your side, that’s definitely not the type of thing we would normally do for the sake of not being responsible for the impact to your data.

If you go to the payment scree, zero out all the values in the fields, and deselect any invoices/credits below, you should be able to update the payment, and then a delete button will appear (only if everything is completely blank/zeroed out).

Then you can delete that payment and start from scratch.

Thank you Cetec Rockstar Team! That did it!

No problem! Glad you were able to get it sorted out.