Bank Reconciliation


Our company is Spotzero. In our bank reconciliation #162, we haven’t selected anything but there’s under Check/Payments -$5050.00 where it should be Zero. We believe that is related to the canceled Checks#6417/6486/6487 which is the same AP Payment #5321 canceled multiple times. Can you please help us? Thank you.

Hi @LourdieDenis,

We’ll take a look at that payment and see if there’s anything we can find out about it for you.
We’ll update you about it as soon as we can.


Hi @LourdieDenis ,
It looks like someone had at some point, selected that payment 5321 to be reconciled. Then, when it was cancelled, it was removed & hidden from the list. Engineering is working on a method to remove from open reconciliations any cancelled / reversed entries such as this one, but they don’t yet have an ETA for when this will be completed.
In the meantime, if you run into this again, please let us know.



Thank you.