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Has anyone ever integrated Seagull Scientific’s Bartender Automation Software or the Bartender Enterprise Edition with their cloud-based Cetec system using the API interface?

I would prefer to not use the Bartender Cloud version due to the monthly/yearly costs. We already have several licenses of the Bartender Pro version and would like to upgrade to the Automated version but localized on our server in-house.

Any feedback is welcome.


I think you posted this to survey fellow Cetec users, but wanted to respond in case it’s helpful to you. I checked with our team, and they aren’t aware of any of our other customers integrating Cetec ERP with Seagull Scientific’s Bartender software programs. It sounds like the closest integration to what you’re asking about was with niceLabel.

Cetec does have the ability to generate bar codes without external integration, but if there is something specific you’re wanting to achieve by considering the integration, it’s possible we’d be able work with you to accomplish those goals within Cetec. Just let us know if you want to explore options.

All the best!
Cetec ERP Support

Thank you for your response. If necessary we may consult with you to accomplish our goals.

Sounds good. There’s no pressure; I just wanted to let you know the possibility was there and make sure you got more information in response to your post.

Enjoy your day,
Cetec ERP Support

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