Bill to address

When creating a bill to address in the customer record, it would be nice to include an email address. This would be helpful for referencing during:

  1. Dunning/AR Collections
  2. Emailing invoices through Cetec to the appropriate email address

Hi @csutaria

Have you tried the “primary email address” field on the Customer record?

It may not be exactly 100% what you’re after, but I think it might get close (it’s used as the “to” email address when sending invoice emails to the customer, etc.)


Yes, I’m familiar with the to: field at the customer record level. The intention here was to be able to use the Bill To address (address object instead of customer object) so that you can have multiple bill to email addresses associated to a single customer.

Example use case: You have a large customer with multiple divisions who operate somewhat independently (with their own billing departments). It is managed as a single account by program management but for finance purposes it can go to different people.