BOL Questions

Is there a walkthrough on how to properly use the bill of lading document? I’m running into some issues. I’ll attach an image for reference.

  1. Can the bill to address be changed to a customer address for the cases when the shipment is collect?
  2. “NO of packages” seems to be pulling from the quantity field for the line item we are shipping. If we have 10ea of something all shipping on one pallet, how do we make this adjustment on the BOL?
  3. “Kind of package, description of articles, special marks, and exceptions” How is this field filled? It comes up empty for me and I can’t find an applicable field.
  4. Weight seems to be doing only the weight for one ea of the 10 items in the order. Is there a way to also show gross weight?
  5. CK Col. I would appreciate a general explanation of what this field does!

A video explaining how this document works and where it pulls data would be very helpful!



This field gets filled from the header of the individual order, so you should be able to edit the order and change the bill to address.

No Packages pulls the balance due for the line if it has a shipqty > 0. All of the fields fields are not per line, but for all the lines. If it’s broken up into multiple shipments, it will still show totals for the whole order.

We think this was meant to be a write in area for the customer we originally did this for. There is currently no place that you would enter anything in to this field.

You’re right, it would make more sense that this shows gross weight. We’re going to make an adjustment so that this field will show the item weight*qty.

This is a configuration column, and not something you would normally enter any information in to.

If you’d like, we could definitely work with you to create a custom document that you could use. Email if you’d like to discuss that in detail.