BOM Estimating for Multi-BOM Parts


I am looking to find out how much inventory I have in order to build a specific product. There is a handy BOM estimator on the Top Level assembly part page I can use, but it looks like it will only determine that I have enough parts to build 1 unit if there is at least 1 of everything in just the top level. However, there are subassemblies in my parts that I have stock of their components but not of the subassemblies themselves. This leads to the build estimator saying I cannot build anything, rather than I can build the subassemblies up first and then can build some number depending on stock.

Is there a way to easily get the information I am looking for? I want to take into account ALL of the parts I have in stock and determine the “runway” for a given multi-level BOM part.

Thank you!


I just sent you a direct message regarding your question here.

Cetec ERP Support