BOM Export Field

As an equipment OEM that sends PCBA designs to PCBA contract manufacturers (CM), the CM wants a complete BOM–reference designator, OEM component part number, Cetec part number, OEM component manufacturer, quantity, etc.

I can get everything the CM needs from Cetec’s BOM export tool except Component OEM (“Preferred Manufacturer” in Cetec parlance) even though all the components have this field populated for each of the RAW components.

When will Cetec be including the “Preferred Manufacturer” field as part of the BOM export tool?

Hi Greg! Thanks for your request.

Actually yes, earlier this week our software development team added the Preferred Manufacturer field to the BOM export tool. You should see that deployed to the next version of Cetec ERP (v. 3.6) coming this summer 2020! (it’s possible you could see it in your “beta” environment much sooner than that).

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, glad we were able to help you with this request.