BoM Export Timeout from Large BoM


I’m trying to do a BoM export from Cetec and it takes forever to load (which is to be expected because this is the entire sales portfolio for our company) and then it fails and gives me an unexpected error message. The export never shows up in ‘My Exports’ either. Can you give me some guidance on this?
My settings for this export are as follows:

Part: RF-Sales-Portfolio

BoM Data → Export BoM → Flattened Hierarchy - No Indentation → Expand Sub-Assemblies → Build Qty: 1 → Revision: Dev-01 → Export

@ckrugman We can certainly take a look and see if there’s something that can be done to get that export to work.

Ultimately, given the nature of the “assembly” in question, we may potentially be better off exploring other options that might cause less problems in the system. Can you elaborate on what the intention of having this assembly modeled this way is? What is the use case for you all, and what are you hoping to do with the export?