BOM Import

A follow-on to my May 2020 request is a request to allow users to import “Reference Designators” using the BOM import tool. All the same reasons and justification but for pulling data into Cetec from other design tools (Altium, OrCAD, etc exported to an intermediate spreadsheet for importing into Cetec purposes).

Thank you!


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Great news @Greg, you can import reference designators!
That’s one of the available columns when importing a BOM:

And then it will show up as a column when viewing/editing the rev:

Let us know if you have any other questions about this!

Bad news. Our locally hosted instance hasn’t been updated to have this import option in at the pricing import or general import links (https://xxxxxxxxxxx/importdata/import)

Is there a different link we should be navigating to or is there an update yet to be pushed to our hosted instance?

I see what you Mean @Greg.
You actually do have that field available, but in order for it to be one of the selectable columns currently you’ll have to go to the individual assembly record, edit a rev or create a new one, and then select import from the left hand side of the rev edit screen.

We’re going to take this to our development team, as it would make sense for the available columns to be in both places, instead of only having a limited selection on the data import screen.

Than you. We can see the ref des field from the part revision BOM import. Thank you for looking a the data import screen too.

Thanks again for bringing this to us @Greg. After some review our development team agreed that it made sense for the available columns for importing BOMs should be the same on both of those screens.

That change should be made in the next release, 3.10. In the meantime we recommend that you continue importing BOMs from the rev edit screen as discussed above.