BOM merge issue

ELAH8419RA-12 was merged to CKPH8419RA-12.

Some how ELAH8419RA-12 still exist but no sales history

CKPH8419RA-12 doesn exist but it is on order 21545.1-12
Cetec ERP when clicked says error

can yoyu fix and explain what happened?

same issue with CKPH8419N-2. 21545.1-10. same order

i had to fix it on my end so the people can work on the job. Please fix the issue as we lost all sales history


Can you give me an estimate on how many orders these parts have been used on? Just so we can see how many orders we should be looking for.

i would have no idea. no way to memerize the sales history


To fix this issue you can create part CKPH8419RA-12 in your system. It will have all your sales history and make all the orders valid. Then after you create that part you can merge ELAH8419RA-12 into CKPH8419RA-12 and it will be deleted.

Thank you. That worked.