BOM Revision Status Field

Currently, there are 3 status values available under the Revisions page. Obsolete, Runout or Active. Is there a way to add a different status? It would be nice to have a “Pre-Release” Status for those ECO related Revisions…

To further expand on the reasoning, In order to create an ECO to revise a part (for example), you need to create the Revision for that part ahead of time. When you do this, there are 3 options for the status of that part, none of which really apply. I think a “Pre-release” status would make sense while the ECO is active. Once the ECO is complete, then there would be the option of being set to any of the other 3 status options…

@regisphilbin - No, unfortunately there is no way to modify those revision status fields, as they are baked in with a good amount of logic and integration to the rest of the system. As such they are system defined and not changeable.

One option would be to utilize the “Obsolete” status while the rev is in “pre-release” status, as obsolete means inactive and unusable / non-sellable.

Another option would be to utilize the “Active” status while the rev is in “pre-release” status, and just make sure there is an ECO open for that part/rev (and rely on the alerts that the ECO will publish across the system for that part rev to raise awareness to other users).

Hope this helps, thanks for posting your question!

Thanks for the clarification.