In the BOM overview, I’m seeing view discrepancies from BOM to BOM.
Some BOM’s I have the “tree click/arrow” on a top part that I can click and it will expand the top part BOM on the screen immediately for quick view of the sub components.

I’m not seeing this on ALL BOM’s…what would be the difference from BOM to BOM that let’s me see this on some BOM’s but not all??



Hi Jessica,

That’s a great question! Can I ask, are you looking at both of those BOMs on the same screen? For example, if they were both on the same quote would they both have the arrow?

It could be that the ability to quick-view those components is dependent on the screen that you’re looking at.


Cetec ERP Support

I’m looking at both BOM’s in the BOM OVERVIEW screen.

Thank you for clarifying that Jessica!

Usually that has to do with inventory value caching, however in our testing we weren’t able to get it to show up for the second part you referenced.

We’re going to pass this on to our engineers and see if they can lend some insight on to what’s going on here. We’ll update you as we get some more information from them.

Cetec ERP Support

Hi Jessica,

Just wanted to let you know that we were able to figure out what was going on here. There’s a fix in the works and, once it’s through testing, should get deployed in the next 3.8 update.

Thanks for the reply and confirmation I’m not crazy :slight_smile:
Do you know when users can expect the 3.8 deployment?

We should be rolling this update out to most of our users over the weekend!