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I have an issue that keeps cropping up and I want to understand the best practice. We import BOM revision exports every time an Assembly revision occurs but the component revisions sometimes updates and we need to re-import a bom to reflect the correct component revisions. The trouble with this is that if the revision assembly REV already exists and has a BOM and new imported components are the same components but different revisions (or unset revisions), then the old and new revisions will both show up on the BOM after import, causing duplicate entries. The selections on the BOM import API lead me to believe that the data can be removed/updated correctly prior to import but those selections do not seem to affect this particular issue. Can you help me untangle this?



Just to verify the steps you are taking when importing: Are you going to Admin > APIs & More > Data Import?

Can you walk me through the steps you are taking/what checkboxes you’re checking, etc.?


The Cetec Team

Yes, Admin > APIs & More > Data Import, Select BOM from the dropdown, then I select a .csv file that gets autogenerated by my PDM system upon a new revision release. I usually will also select the delete related data checkbox since that sounds like what I want it to do. My .csv file headers are top_level_part_number, top_level_revision, component_part_number, component_revision, component_line_number, and quantity_per_top.

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