Boring Notes

The Yellow Sticky notes are nice and obvious. The Comic Sans font is awful.

The “Boring Notes” config setting states that it will remove the cursive font on the notes.

However, the “Boring Notes” config setting actually changes both the Yellow Sticky make-it-obvious appearance and the font.

I would like the Yellow notes with a easy to read font.

Hey Greg,

Thank you for the suggestion on this ticket - we’ve looked into this and I’m going to pass this on to engineering for you so they can check on this and see what can be done.

I’ll get back to you with an update as soon as one is provided on the status of this!

Cetec ERP Support

Hey Greg,

I reached out to our engineering department to see if this was something that could be altered for you. Unfortunately there is not a path in place at this thiem to separate the operation of the background from the font.
Otherwise when you set that “Boring Notes” config it will operate as intended and make the notes boring within your environment. There currently isn’t a way to remove the cursive font AND keep the yellow sticky notes background. Either the config setting is set and the cursive font is remove along with the yellow sticky notes background or it isn’t set and you have the background along with that font.

Cetec ERP Support