bug - "New" NCR Documents Page - Can't drag /drop files.

For the “NEW” NCR documents page, i’m unable to drag and drop multiple files for uploading… It works as intended on the “OLD” page…

Also, on the “NEW” page, when i click on “BROWSE” to upload documents, i can only upload 1 document at a time…


Hey Regis,

Thanks for relaying the issues you’re having with the ‘new’ NCR page within Cetec ERP regarding document drag n drop. I’m about to start testing this so I can try to reproduce this issue. After that I’ll send a ticket to our engineering team to correct that particular issue.

I’ll reach back out on this forum thread once that’s been processed so you have an update on where we’re at regarding correcting your problem.

Thanks Regis!
Cetec ERP Support


Hey Regis!

I’ve gone through our devel environment and was able to reproduce both bugs/issues that you reported:

  1. Unable to select multiple files when using the ‘Browse’ button.
  2. Unable to drag and drop any type of file into the ‘Drop Files Here’ subsection on the New NCR Documents page.

I’ve built out a test case for both of these issues and have rerouted both cases to our engineering department. Once they pick that up and build a fix for this I’ll reach out here with an update on the hotfix and provide additional details.

Thanks for letting us know about these issues Regis your assistance is always greatly appreciated.
Cetec ERP Support

Thanks for confirming. Glad to know its not the usual “user error” scenario…


Good Morning Regis,

I’ve routed this over to engineering who has built out a fix for this. I’ve gone through and validated the hotfix confirming you can now attach multiple documents to the “New” NCR Documents page at one time, along with the ‘drag n drop’ feature being reestablished for that specific page.

You should expect that hotfix merge in your environment in the next 5-10 days.

Please let me know if you have any additional issues with that specific page!
Cetec ERP Support

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