Build Estimate Screen not showing Activity End Qty

Our Sales team is using the Build Estimate screen to determine if we have enough materials to build when they are creating quotes. The screen is showing columns for QOH and Avail ( but that only takes into account situations where the parts have been picked for orders). In this case, I have some open orders that have not been picked so the data on Build Estimate looks like I have enough material. In fact if you look at the part record the Activity End Qty is negative.

Has something changed on this screen in the last release? They have never had this issue before using this screen.

@robinl We’ll check with our engineering team and see if any changes were recently made to this page. In the meantime, I’m wondering if you have any way to confirm that previously this page was including open orders with unpicked components? Might be hard to trace that at all, but just trying to get a sense of what may be happening here.

I have no way to actually confirm. I am told by all my Sales people that they did not have this issue before (and I can only imagine we would have been short parts on a number of orders if it behaved this way before as I know they did not go individually to each component to check the values).

@robinl - can you provide an example or two of a Build Estimate page that appears to be suffering the problem you’re describing here?


The original issue was for build estimate for SYS809560-REV-C, it was the wire [WIRE6A5826]. We’ve since placed an order for the wire and also picked the wire for the orders that were entered.

You can look at build estimate for SYS1002 808732 REWORK TO 809695-REV-D - wire [WIRRCN9121]. Looking at the build estimate screen Sales would believe that we have 20 available. However since I have 5 open orders that are not picked yet, I really only have 2 available.

Hey Robin,
I think the issue here may be the difference between how Unscheduled & Scheduled orders work in terms of reserving inventory.
You guys don’t have “Reserve on Pick” (which would only reserve inventory at time of picking) nor do you have “Reserve Inventory for All Orders” set. It sounds currently like you might be expecting the operation of the latter here though.

With your current settings: Unscheduled Orders such as 5156.1 should reserve the balance due of the line components (& subcomponents if BOMs are in play) at time of commit to order.
Scheduled Orders however, are a bit more of a special case. 4551.1 is scheduled, and it’s Start Work Date & Ship Date are far in the future, so, it won’t reserve any of the subcomponents until it’s Start Work Date. (If Leadtimes were in play on those subcomponents, it would subtract that number of days/weeks from the Start Work Date & start reserving the quantity on that date).

So, with your current settings, I would expect to see 18-20 avail from the Build Estimate page. If you’d like to change the config to Reserve Inventory for All Orders, you as an admin of course may do that.
Hope that helps!
Please let us know if you have further questions on the matter.