Build orders not showing on Open Orders

Hi guys,

We started having an issue yesterday where the build orders aren’t showing under open orders under the part number. For example AAI2017596-001-REV-51 has 6 open orders, but when we click on Sales - Orders, it is blank. It is the same for the waterfall. It will show open POs, but not open build orders.

This is not a problem for stock orders.

Please let me know what other information you need.


Hi Kelly,

Thanks for contacting us about this. Our engineering team already has a fix for this issue in process, and it should be pushed out to you within the next couple of days. Please let us know if you continue having problems with this after that.

Thank you!



@cetecerp13 Having the same issue for me as well . Help is highly appreciated.

Hi @spranoy,

As mentioned above, the fix for this issue is already in process, and should be rolling out to you (and everyone else) within the next couple of days.