Build to stock & Stock to ship in one order?

We want to create an order for an external customer that will build the parts on one line then have additonal lines for when to ship those parts of the course of the year.

If we build 40 now and the customer wants 4 per month we would have a build line of 40, then 10 ship lines of 4. I have been experimenting and it doesn’t seem possible because its either internal or external and you either receive or invoice. Is this the case or am i missing something?

The idea would be to create the order will the shipping already included, assign the warehouse person so they see the ship dates in their pick queue. It would be nice to keep it all linked together.

Its been 7 days with no reply. I understand it may not be possible to build to inventory then pick stock to sell from the same order but I don’t see exactly how to utilize the tools to achieve this as cetec intended.

In the screen shot below, i’d like to have my build inventory linked to the sell order. The waterfall feature does this but how can i get this window, after recieving an internal build order, to be populated. I want orders linked together.


If I’m following you correctly, it sounds to me like you would follow these steps:

  1. Create a quote for your external customer.

  2. Create multiple lines, each line including the quantity you’d like to ship in each batch. (In this case, 10 lines of qty 4).

  3. Use the trans code BUILD on each line. This tells the system that the pieces will need to be built, and will prompt the creation of internal sub-orders to build the pieces you need, signaling your MRP accordingly and remaining linked to your top level external sales order.

  4. Ensure that you have put the correct work start/ship/dock dates for each of the 10 lines. If you aren’t sure of the concrete dates, you can still use the input dates as an estimate and edit the lines as needed later.

  5. Complete the sub-orders on their work start date and fulfill the sales order lines accordingly.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

I think in this scenario the External customer build order wouldn’t remove finished pieces from inventory. This is the problem we have been running into.

as far as i can tell, external build orders only remove components. you don’t get to pick finished pieces from inventory. You only get to pick components.

I’ve confirmed in the live version where i previously confirmed in the university. Following the steps mentioned above will only create internal sub-orders for sub components. The end result is still no top level inventory produced and thus cannot be picked.

External customer orders: build = (I call it Build to ship) removes components, ships w/o inventory, no finished part inventory, no picking required.
Stock = (I call it Stock to sell) removes finished parts, picks parts from inventory, No parts created means no parts to ship. (can generate a purchase order to instantly add stock to inventory)

Internal Customer orders: Build = (Build for stock) removes components and adds finished product to inventory.
Stock = there is no option for internal stock order.

Can you confirm?

Hi @Eduff

When you create a Sales order with the transcode “Build”, suborders are generated internally. Those sub orders are fulfilled and received into your inventory. Then, when you go up a level, you pick the completed sub assemblies into your top level part so that you can build it using those subassemblies.

External customer sales orders with a trans code Build: sub assemblies consume the pieces needed for sub assemblies. Top order consumes sub assemblies and creates finished top level assembly. Picking is required both to build and ship.

External customer sales orders with a trans code Stock: a finished good is picked from your inventory and sold. Picking is required to ship.

Can you please expand on the rest of your question? “No parts created means no parts to ship. (Can generate a purchase order to instantly add stock to inventory)”?

Internal Customer Orders only have a build transcode. The finished good is received into your inventory.

We have guides available on our blog and our YouTube channel that I believe you may find worthwhile to revisit. I think this walkthrough in particular may be helpful for you:

Please let me know if you have any questions!

This walkthrough that you linked does not generate top level product that will go into inventory and does not allow for top level parts to be picked out of inventory.

I would like to find the best way to build top level parts that go into my inventory, then those top level parts will be picked out of the inventory at a later date when they are to be shipped. I would like this to be one order or two orders that are linked.

My best attempt is to make the internal build order, clone it, then make the external stock order. My question is: is there a better way, to link these two orders or have it be one order, using tools that I don’t understand yet?

Hi Eduff,

You’re right - if you want to take the two steps of 1) building a top level part that will go straight to your inventory and 2) sell a completed part at a later date, you’ll need to utilize two orders. (There are only three order types: an order that generates a top level part that goes straight into inventory would be an Internal Build Order, an order that picks a completed part out of inventory would be a Sales Order - STOCK transcode, and an order that prompts a part to be built and shipped would be a Sales Order - BUILD transcode.)

Start by creating a Sales Order with a Stock transcode. This will create a demand for the parts, and the due dates on the lines will inform when the demand is due. At this point you have two options: either create a linked work order via the lefthand navigation, or use the MRP - Build report to build pieces as their due date approaches.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Create WO is the missing link. Thank you.